Meditation and Travel

Tonight was the first night I attended my local Buddhist Meditation Study Group in over a month.  I had been traveling for ~2.5 weeks, and unfortunately did not squeeze in any meditation time during travels.

When you’re on the road for so long, your mind, or at least mine, just goes to “how can I make myself feel most at home?” or “how can I make myself feel most comfortable?”  I hit 3 cities in 5 days… and in that time my ways of calming down, of making myself feel at home, of feeling more comfortable ultimately pinned down to staying indoors, watching Netflix, or taking with close friends.  It’s hard, sometimes you make promises to yourself to be more outgoing, more energetic, more curious, and then when you’re taking out of your comfort zone you tend to clam up and resort to what is familiar.

That is what I think goes wrong for me when I’m traveling.  You have this intimate perception of getting out of the norm, going to a new place, eating better food, walking over driving, but at some point you do get homesick, and you do feel out of your norm.  You view it as a disturbance of your inner peace.  Then, you go into a vicious circle of thinking about how homesick you are, and then that takes you away from enjoying those fine moments when traveling.

I want to make a promise to myself that next time I travel, I try to meditate in the morning and in the evening at least once.  Why?  I want to start my morning with that freshness, and that perspective that focuses inward and maintains inner balance.  And that’s how I want to close out the evening and soothe myself into sleep.

Balance is everywhere.  When in routine, you’re just used to finding it in familiar and common places.  Push yourself to find it in new, creative ways when you’re out of your element.