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My Starting Point

For now, this blog is for me. 

I haven’t told anyone about Buddhafully Modern…yet.   To be frank, today is Sunday November 19th at 20:50 and the idea to start this blog came to mind on Sunday November 19th at 09:55.   Within 12 hours, I was inspired to get it going.


So what is the blog for?

To grow in anything, you need to commit.  You need to practice.  You need to be inspired.  You need to be motivated.   For me, I’m trying to grow my Buddhist practice, particularly through meditation, consciousness, awareness, and yoga.  Those are my key pillars.  And to make my journey more meaningful,  I want to commit to not only practicing what I view as Buddhism, but also reflecting on it.  What did I learn today?  What actions of mine am I proud of?  What are my goals for tomorrow?  Who impacted me today?  These are all key questions I hope to address in the blog moving forward.

And by blog, I mean diary.  Like I said: for now, this blog is for me. 



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